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Mums@Work (Singapore) focuses on keeping mothers informed of positions that are uniquely catered to them. These positions would include:

  • Part-time Work
  • Contract Work
  • Project Work
  • Home shoring opportunities
  • Flexible Hours Work

To place your available positions in our Jobs Listings, please contact us by filling up the form. 

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Please kindly take note:

  • Each advertisement can only be used for one specific job title, with one set of job responsibilities and requirements.
  • As of 1st April 2015, we require Advertisers who list Job positions on our portal to have registered and commenced at least 6 months before the date of listing.
  • For each job listing, we request that Company information (Company name, Company contact email address & Company Website address, if available) to be declared in the job listing.


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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Renewal:
The agreed upon term (minimum 35 days) of your listing is from the date that your listing is published in Mums@Work (S'pore) Jobs Listings. At the end of this term, your listing will be removed from the site. Should you wish to renew or extend, please drop us an email at

Changes to a Listing:
Upon notification that your listing has become active you have the one-time opportunity to make changes or corrections without charge. Afterwards, a charge may apply to make certain changes. You may make a one-time change to our listing (AFTER it has been published), by sending an email to

Only legitimate service providers, vendors, agencies, consultants, and other relevant organizations, based in Singapore may apply for a listing in the Mums@Work (S'pore) (Singapore) Job Listings.

Advertising through the Job Listing Webpage owned by Mums@Work (Singapore) is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. All advertising material is subject to approval by Mums@Work (S’pore), who reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement deemed to be unsuitable for any reason.
  2. Fees paid for advertising are non-refundable unless the advertisement is cancelled 24 hours prior to the commencement of the advertising campaign, which is defined as the moment the advertisement is first published on the Internet.
  3. Advertising space is subject to limited availability and will be handed out on a first-come first-served basis. Once all of the available advertising slots are filled, further advertisements are queued until the next available slot becomes available. Mums@Work (S’pore) staff will notify queued advertisers of the estimated time that their advertisement will make it on-line as well as the date it actually goes on-line.
  4. Rates (fees) are subject to change without prior notice.
  5. All advertisements are positioned according to rules dictated by Mums@Work (S’pore).
  6. The advertiser acknowledges that they own the rights and permissions to publish submitted material on the Internet and agrees to indemnify and save harmless Mums@Work (S’pore) against all damage, loss, expense and liability of any nature arising from our use of the advertisers submitted content on the Internet.
  7. Mums@Work (S’pore) assumes no liability for errors in materials. All attempts will be made to correct any errors that may appear.
  8. Mums@Work (S’pore) reserves the right to refuse or postpone the display of submitted advertising content until all monies have been received (including the clearing of bank checks, if applicable) in full and advertising space becomes available.
  9. Mums@Work (S’pore) is not liable for delays in publishing or failure to publish submitted advertising content in the event of circumstances beyond the control of Mums@Work (S’pore).
  10. Mums@Work (S’pore) will not use or disclose any information about you without your consent, unless:
    • it is required or permitted by law
    • we believe it is necessary to provide you with a service which you have requested
    • to protect the rights, property or personal safety of another Mums@Work (S'pore) website user, any member of the public or
    • any of the assets and/ or operations of Mums@Work (S'pore) are being transferred to another party
  11. As of 1st April 2015, we require Advertisers who list Job positions on our portal to be in business for at least 6 months before the date of listing.
  12. For Advertiser who wishes to list job positions with us, we request for company information (Company name, Company contact information) to be declared in the job listing. Mums@Work has a right to refuse to list the position, if the advertiser does not comply with this regulation.
  13. These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Updates will be made available on
  14. Acceptance by the advertiser of these terms and conditions is implied upon the receipt of submitted advertising material and/or payment by Mums@Work (Singapore).

Date of last major revision: 01 APRIL 2015

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