Featured Mumpreneur: Lips to the heart of every woman

christineIf the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the lips are the messengers to the heart.” Christine was one of our panelists at ‘She Owns It’ Conference in 2015. This driven mother of one, who is also the former vice-president and general manager of Procter & Gamble, has started a new business. Like her cheerful personality, ColorMeHappy Cosmetics is an online business that focusses on bringing beauty to your doorstep. The first (and possibly, only) lip subscription service in Singapore, Christine shares her start-up story with us

Your Business Name:   ColorMeHappy Cosmetics

Your website:  www.colormehappycosmetics.com

What prompted you to start your own little biz?

I had been in the corporate world for many years (25 years at one of the world’s largest multinational FMCG corporation), and have been lucky enough to have led organizations across Asia-Pacific businesses, as the first woman Vice-President from Southeast Asia for the company. Now that I have ‘ticked the corporate box’, I am interested to try my hand at entrepreneurship.

Tell us about your business.

ColorMeHappy Cvcg9386-version-4-lipsticksosmetics is focused on bringing Korean cosmetics into Singapore.  We are initially focusing on lip products, which is the largest segment within the color cosmetics category in the region.    The business is primarily a lip product subscription service, where we provide our subscribers with a box of lip products every month — from lipsticks, shimmers, bronzers, lip masks, repair oils and the like.  Our subscribers get one, or two, or three products each month depending on their chosen package. (We recommend the Perfect Bliss package to get 3 products a month — and as the name implies ‘for absolute perfect bliss’.)

Each package comes as a delightful surprise, wrapped in our little pink box of happy and delivered straight to their doorsteps.  We also have select products sold individually, through our website, and in e-commerce sites such as Lazada.

What was the inspiration behind your business?

The business is inspired by the idea that cosmetics, and particularly lip color cosmetics, have the power to brighten up a woman’s day (and a woman’s life).   As women, we love standing in the middle of the cosmetics aisle, browsing through the many offerings, and wondering which one to get… and don’t we wish we could get them all.   Hence, with a ColorMeHappy subscription,  our women get the power to ‘have them all’, in a fun ‘little box of happy’ that comes delivered to them every month.  It’s the little treat that we all deserve to get.   There is such an element of delight as you open that little box to see what is inside for the month! The overall look and our name is inspired by having fun and being happy.   Hence, the name ‘ColorMeHappy’.

What is the thing about your biz that makes it stand out from the competition?

We are the first lip care subscription service in Singapore with Korean lipsticks!  That’s a really big wow, hopefully. :)

We have researched deeply into the Korean market landscape to only bring in the best.  We are particularly proud of our hero products — our two main lines of lipsticks:  Boldlicious HD and XPrecision Lips.

aerin-croppedBoldlicious HD is our limited edition line of Korean high-definition lipsticks — with highly pigmented colors in bright and bold shades.   It is designed to give you maximum color impact in one swipe!   This is wonderful for those times a woman wants to make a bold statement with how she looks.

XPrecision Lips is our line of Korean lipsticks with our Light-Diffuse technology.  It has been specially formulated to give the just right level of shine to hide our little lip imperfections. So all you see is the color and the shine.

Another one of our favorites is our Lip Night Repair Oil.  It’s an oil based product that you rub on your lips before you sleep.  It works to smoothen and soften your lips through the night, to give you a nice smooth feel in the morning.  It’s like lip therapy while you sleep!

shimmerAs a product-based business, what has been the most challenging part of running this business?

The most challenging part was ensuring that we had the right range of products for the different segments of consumers.  There is a large need for variety to meet different skin tones, moods, fashion and tastes.  We think we now have a great lineup.  But at the same time, we plan to keep adding and launching new lines periodically to keep the spirit of fun and delight for all our subscribers.

What aspect of building your little biz do you like working on the most?

Definitely doing our market research in Korea.  Korea is such a beautiful place! And beyond that, the culture is so fashion-forward and beauty-oriented that there is always something new to inspire us!

How do you balance running your business and being a mother?

Well, before this entrepreneurial venture, I was already balancing a fast-paced corporate leadership role together with motherhood and I had learned to enjoy it.  Transitioning to running a business (instead of a corporate role) together with motherhood has turned out to also be equally enjoyable.  The trick I have learned from other women mentors is to always have time blocked off as pure family time, where nothing (work, business, other priorities) is allowed to intervene.  Whenever I am able to do this, it usually works.

What advice do you have for other mums who are thinking of or trying to build their own little biz from home?

First of all, don’t limit yourself to thinking of it as a ‘little business’.  Your business can be as big, or as small as you want.  Then, find an area where you have personal passion.  Entrepreneurship requires a lot of energy, which only true passion can fuel.   And then, beyond that, think strategically of the market need, vis a vis the uniqueness of the product or service you plan to offer to meet that need.

Are there any upcoming events/ promotions/ activities that your business will be running in the next 6 months?

Our Christmas collection gift boxes are now available! These are our special Korean Boldlicious HD and XPrecision lipsticks and lip shimmers and bronzers, specially chosen for Christmas.  It comes in pre-giftwrapped boxes, and is delivered straight to you.  (No need to fight against traffic and hunt for that parking space in crowded Orchard road!). It’s the loveliest (and easiest) thing to give all your sisters, cousins, office friends, girlfriends, teachers of your kids (if you want to get your kid on teacher’s good side).     Who wouldn’t love you for giving a box of Korean lip perfection!

What’s your Mumpreneur Mantra?

You will never know until you try :)

ANY PROMOTIONAL MESSAGEcolormehappy-packages-perfectbliss

The Christmas collection gift boxes of our Korean lipsticks are available at a special discounted price through our website – www.colormehappycosmetics.com.  Or, you can email us at admin@colourmehappycosmetics.com.  It’s on limited supply so, hurry!