Featured Flexi-work Mum: Writing her own work-family balance dream

As any mothers Kellyof little boys will agree, time is an asset. So when Kelly had her first son (who is 2 years old now), she decided to try out Freelance Writing. In 2013, Kelly joined Affluence PR (though a job listing at Mums@Work) and since then she has been a writer with the PR firm. This mother of 2 boys shares her story as a writer with us.


What made you decide to try out for Flexi-work arrangement? After having my first child, I could not see myself going back to full-time work. In my line of work (as a corporate communications associate at the National Library Board), I used to work till late every night and had to take calls from the media after office hours as well as take work home to do frequently – such is the norm for a young public relations person. So I decided to leave my position and look for freelance work as a writer. I came across the job opening at Affluence PR while browsing the Mums@Work portal, sent an email to Angela with my resume, and the rest, as they say, is history J I have been with her since June 2013.

What is your Flexible Work Arrangement? Work-from-home, project basis

How has FWA helped you in finding work-family balance? team_kellyI do not have to work from the office or regular office hours, so I can spend most of the day with my children, doing work at night after they go to bed.

How has FWA been a challenge for you? How do you overcome that challenge? Definitely a huge challenge, as I keep even longer hours now than when I was working a regular office job. My “work day” only begins after my two boys are in bed, and this is usually around 11pm or midnight. By the time I begin work, I am usually really tired already and can only put in about an hour of work before I call it a night. Now that my younger boy is a little more settled into a routine and naps quite decently in the afternoon, I also have that afternoon nap period to get some work done. So I need to be really disciplined with my time and focus on working smart at my available pockets of free time.

As a FWA Employee, how has the response been from your clients/ external stakeholders? I don’t even think my clients know that I am working from home!

Working from home means having to make adjustments (such as space availability) on the home front, how did you adjust for the change? Since I do the bulk of my work while my children are asleep and I don’t have to attend to emails throughout the day, I don’t really need special arrangements to do my work. I do have a little work area set-up in the living room for my lap top, printer and reference materials, but I usually do my work from my mobile device or laptop, wherever is convenient.

AffluenceWhat has surprised you about the Flexi-work Arrangement? At how sustainable a lifestyle it has been since I began! I have also since hired a helper to help with the housework so that I can focus on the children and if required, have help while I look into work matters in the day.

Takeaway Tips for Our readers. Flexi-work is more tiring than I thought it would be but it is also really fulfilling, as it has let me stay home with the children for the last two years and it has also enabled me to spend the best parts of my day with my precious children, instead of having to give them whatever leftover time I have after work if I had kept to my regular office job.

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