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Featured Mumpreneur: Dedicated to saving lives, Committed to improving practices It is no secret that the medical profession is a very noble industry. Men and women who choose to become doctors and nurses are driven by a desire to make a difference to society. However, can doctors have work-life balance? And more importantly, can a doctor have a flexible work schedule. This month, we feature mumpreneur, Boon Suan a medical doctor who believes in preventive medication. This mother of 3 boys is the owner of her own clinic and she shares with us her methods of trying to balance her business and her family. Read her story here


Featured Flexi-work Mum: Minor adjustments that create a win-win arrangement. Many ladies assume that Professions such as architects, lawyers, doctors, engineers would not have job functions that allow for flexibility. Often, women who hold such roles refrain from asking for FWA, instead choosing to opt out. Their concern is that the job function or communication schedules cannot be redesigned. However, this is not always the case. This month, we feature Farhana Siddiqui, Director at Drew & Napier LLC. She shares her story of taking on a flexi-role for 18 months at the law firm. Read her story here.


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